And the July Challenge Winner Is…..

This month’s challenge was both fun and nostalgic as everyone created items from a favorite summer memory. We got over 180 votes this month, and with so many great entries to choose from, the voting was very tight. Still, there was a clear winner, and that was a new PCAGOE member, beetreebyme.etsy with her Lightning Bug Entry! Congratulations!

lighting bug

Here is her description of her inspiration for this piece:

“My summer memory is of being able to play outside after dark .
The world seemed transformed by the darkness.
My friends and I loved to catch lighting bugs .
We kept them for awhile in jars that became like lanterns!
We were captivated by the magical glow !
Summer nights still hold a special magic!
This little guy owes his light to the magic of “glow in the dark ” polymer clay!” m.e.

Close behind in 2nd place was another new member, Chickiegirlcreations.etsy and her Firefly Waters Necklace.

Firefly Waters Necklace

This is what she had to say about her entry and it’s inspiration. “This is my entry for the PCAGOE’s July 2007 Challenge entitled ‘Summer Memories’. As the title of this piece suggests, this pendant was made to resemble fireflies above and around lake waters at dusk. One of my fondest summer memories was sitting on the dock, bare feet dangling, watching the sunset and eagerly awaiting the appearance of the magical fireflies. Made with polymer clay beads, polymer clay pendant and glass beads. The yellow ‘fireflies’ actually glow in the dark. ”

Well fireflies are a very popular summer memory, but when most people think of summer, they think of the beach and the this was no exception for our 3rd place and honorable mention winners. 3rd place goes to madeinlowell.etsy for her polymer clay shell pendant necklace and earrings set.

Polymer clay shell pendant necklace and earrings with sterling silver and freshwater pearls: July PCAGOE challenge entry

Here’s her inspiration: “I always spent my summers at my parents’ cottage in the woods on Martha’s Vineyard. One of my biggest joys was going to the beach and collecting shells, the textures and colors were endlessly fascinating! We’d wash them, lay them out to dry and then stack them in mason jars. ”

Honorablemention goes to both missdanceypants.etsy for her Summer Love Necklace and blockpartypress.etsy for her Beach Ball Rings as they were tied in the voting.
PCAGOE - July Challenge - Summer Love Necklace 2

Here’s what missdancey had to say about her entry: “Art beads created with a filigree-like technique. Each bead is combined in a necklace to reflect my fondest summer memory: my first summer with my love, which we spent at the beach!”

Beach Ball Rings - PCAGOE July Summer Memories Challenge Entry

Here’s the description of my entry:
These rings were inspired by an old and a new summer memory. The summer always meant the beach and a new bright yummy beach ball. Somehow every year they got lost, so we always looked forward to buying a new one at the beach! Now my kids continue the tradition and are always very excited to get their summer beach ball. The red, white, blue and yellow represents the old school ball and the old memory and the pink one represents the newer balls and the new memories.

I can’t forget the winners of the voter drawing. The first prize pack went to Michele from prairiejeweler.etsy and the 2nd went to Mira from mirakris.etsy. Congratulations and thanks for voting!! Thanks again to everyone who entered and voted! Don’t forget to check back next month to see what these talented artists come up with! The next challenge will begin on August 26th at noon!!

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