Featured Artist - Organic Odysseys


She has three shops at Etsy, OrganicOdysseys, AlmostARTifacts and Pokadotsandles.  Kate, in her shop at OrganicOdysseys, has successfully captured the beautiful leaves, fruit and seeds from plants in and around her community.  She says, “Organic Odyssey is my exploration of all the wonders of my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) organil_fullxfull_49621057ic farm. As an artist and shareholder for the past two years at Quiet Creek Farm, located in the rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, I have been delighted to discover the wonderful nuances of the CSA, which brings one into direct contact with the earth and its bounty.”   Vegetables, fruits and their seeds are carefully hand-picked for size, shape and sometimes state of ripeness. Depending on how she wishes to highlight the particular item, she might impress the vegetation directly into the clay on the piece being made or sometimes make a mold of it first to get a raised impression to apply in a bas-relief method.

The finished work is like finding a modern day fossil. Although not ancient, it will recall many a wonderful memory of the farm days and the great meals from the bounty of the earth.

il_430xN_62139722 Kate loves  to recycle and you will see many items using recycled materials.  She is definitely an inspiration to our guild with her awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.


2 Responses to “Featured Artist - Organic Odysseys”

  1. Angela Says:

    Kate is such an inspiration to us all. She is a fantastic artist with such diversity in her creations. I love to just go to her shops and browse at all the beautiful creations. We were very lucky when she decided to join our guild.

  2. Mary Lamoray Says:

    Look at those scrumptious eggplant earrings!! Kate is so wonderful, helpful and supportive… especially of newbies! Thank you Kate… I LOVE your work! :)

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