May Mica Shift Challenge: vote here!

Welcome to the PCAGOE May challenge. Our challenge this month was to make an item using the polymer clay mica shift technique, which is a technique that involves “shifting” the mica particles in metallic polymer clay to make a picture in the clay. Though the patterns on these items look textured, they’re not — they’ve been sanded smooth, and it’s the mica particles in the clay going in different directions that make the design show.

Check out our 13 mica shifted items, and vote for your favorite. But before you scroll down to vote, take a look at this month’s prizes - beautiful jewelry by organicodysseys, yonatdascalu, paperpam, beadworx and jkollman.


Below is our collection of mica shift challenge entries. To view the entries close-up, you can click on the mosaic to see it larger or click on the slide show below the mosaic to see the entries individually and read the artists’ descriptions. To vote for your favorite entry, please complete the form at the bottom of this post and hit SUBMIT. (Please note that e-mail addresses will be used only to contact the winners and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.) Prize winners will be randomly chosen from all of the voters. You can vote once between now and midnight EST on Thursday, May 7, 2009. The challenge winners will be announced on May 8. Thanks for voting, and good luck!


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Here are the entries, listed with their titles and artists. Some of these are for sale at our etsy shops. How about some mica shift for Mother’s Day?

  1. Mica Shift Pelican by WonderfulWire
  2. Byzantine Cuff Bangle by oneandonly
  3. Ring Box by jkollman
  4. Paw Prints on Your Heart by beetreebyme
  5. Gold Necklace by jangeisen
  6. Blue Hearts Magnets by SilverGate
  7. Mica Shift ACEO by Polyclarific
  8. Mica Shift Necklace on Concrete Leaf by jillpalumbo
  9. Golden Dreams of Chocolate necklace by jewelzodonnell
  10. The Sky’s the Limit ACEO by polymerclaycreations
  11. Strepia Butterfly Necklace by artbylilin
  12. Metallic Silver Pendant by marciapalmer
  13. Golden Oldie Ginkgo Leaf Brooch by organicodysseys

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